Black Confederacy Clothing was established in 2007 by founder and creator, Adam David Vaught. Mr. Vaught developed a passion for clothing and design at a young age. However, he would not begin sewing until his mid-20s. As a Detroit, Michigan native, becoming a fashion designer was not a picture of normalcy. However, Mr. Vaught broke away from the mold and began taking sewing classes. That was just the launch pad he needed to self-teach what would become impeccable skills and techniques.  Mr. Vaught is a lifelong student in the craft of design – always studying to inspire the most innovative and creative styles. To date, Mr. Vaught has made numerous custom and ready-to-wear pieces for clients near and far, using fabrics such as denim, wool, silk and leather. You will even find that he incorporates non-traditional elements into most of his clothing that highlights his signature unconventional methods, but never substituting quality for convenience.

“I have never regretted taking the road less traveled because my work ethic and passion speak for itself. “I create my pieces from scratch, and I am a believer that the smallest detail can leave the most lasting impressions.”

                                                                        ~Adam David Vaught